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Bubba supports the international initiative #honkforhope to save coach travel business in Europe

#honkforhope is a pan-European initiative to save coach companies across Europe. It was born on April 29th 2020, when Alexander Ehrlich, director of the City Tours group of companies (offices in Austria, Germany, Italy and Poland) gave the Austrian government the petition "Save motorcoach business in Europe" during the first pan-european coach parade taking place simultaneously in Vienna, Dresden and Bratislava, and in a total of approx. 35 other cities in Europe. On May 14th 2020, during the pan-european #honkforhope action day, Joachim Jumpertz handed over the German version of the petition to the parliament of Germany, completing the international part of the message with three concrete goals to make motorcoaches in Germany survive (compensation of damages for standing days of the coaches, sustaining liquidity of the coach companies until end of pandemic, opening travelling freedom as quickly as possible). Within the first month of its existance, #honkforhope initiative has spread all over Europe and does re-unite more than 7.000 motorcoach companies from many different nations.


  1. Do you want citizens of your country to be able to travel again after coronavirus? Then please save the tour buses in your country.
  2. Do you want people from other countries to return to your country after the coronavirus to spend money in hotels, restaurants and museums? Then please save the tour buses across Europe.
  3. The coach is a symbol of travel. Traveling is freedom. The freedom to travel is the engine of the European Union. The tourist bus is the torch of hope on the way back to our beloved Europe!


  1. A short presentation in English about #honkforhope, including all basic informations, can be found here: http://www.citytours-austria.com/documents/instruction_honkforhope-english.pdf
  2. To stay up to date in (almost) real time, please watch our YouTube channel, and subscribe to it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChMYaZpqH6KIIWQ4PMkFQuQ/playlists
  3. Our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/honkforhope/
  4. Our Telegram group network: to actively participate in our campaign, and contribute by translating, spreading news, making videos and photos, organizing events, the best way to get in touch is to download Telegram messenger app and to join our multinational task-force network. The "starting link" to our communication system is https://t.me/honkforhope


  1. Telegram-Gruppe #honkforhope auf Deutsch: https://t.me/busreisekrise
  2. Information über #honkforhope auf Deutsch: http://www.citytours-austria.com/documents/instruction_honkforhope-german.pdf
  3. Informazione su #honkforhope in italiano: http://www.citytours-austria.com/documents/instruction_honkforhope-italy.pdf
  4. Informacion su #honkforhope en español: http://www.citytours-austria.com/documents/instruction_honkforhope-spain.pdf

Petition "Save coach companies in Austria"!

Gemeinsam stärker! Stronger together! Più forti insieme! Plus forts ensemble !

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Bubba is the bus booking assistant developed and operated by the City Tours group of companies. It was first released in January 2018, originally for internal use only. Since August 2019, it can also be used to view and manage all transportation contracts between City Tours and its providers. We are planning to release a major upgrade in 2020 which will also allow customers to book their bus online with just a few clicks.

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Bubba is growing each day, and new features are going to be added step by step. Stay tuned for upcoming Bubba progress!

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Initiative "Helfen wir den Spediteuren" war erfolgreich

Erreicht am 16.03.2020 in Österreich: Arbeitskräfteüberlassung ohne Gewerbeschein, auch trotz Kurzarbeit, und Ausnahmebestimmung für D95 statt C95 Führerschein. Mehr dazu auf City Tours Österreich.